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Analog, digital or analog/digital

An analog Elegance Watch has a face that holds hour and minute hands, and either numbers, markers or Roman numerals that display a 12-hour day. It is considered the more formal, classic watch type, and is perfect for business, dates and formal events.

Digital Elegance Watch either have an LCD (liquid crystal display) or LED (light emitting diode) face that displays the time in numeric form (for example, 2:50). They’re considered very casual.

Analog/digital watches have both an analog and a digital face. They’re utilitarian and can be worn to work and during your daily routine for Watches Business & Business Offer (though they’re probably not a good bet for formal events).

Battery, quartz or mechanical (hand-wound)

Digital Mens Watch & Ladies Watch are powered by an ultra-small watch battery (the kind you usually see by the checkout counter in electronic stores).

Quartz Mens Watch & Ladies Watch are analog timepieces that run on a tiny, vibrating, electrified quartz crystal. They keep extremely accurate time for Watches Business & Business Offer (within a minute each year).

Mechanical watches are powered by a complex array of gears and springs. These watches can command a hefty price as a result of their superior craftsmanship. Unfortunately, the ancient art of hand-wound watchmaking or watch offer, watch business & watches business remains imperfect. Mechanical watches lose about an hour a year and must be wound regularly.


This is the watch’s frame. When it comes to analog Mens Watches & Ladies Watches, the case can be round, rectangular, square, and sometimes even polygonal. The case finish can be shiny, matte, patterned, or inlaid with jewels and other crystals (although I can’t recommend such a look — unless pimpin’ is your thing).

For analog watches, the case is usually made of a metal — steel, titanium, gold, silver, and platinum being the most common. Getting a watch with a case (and band) made from the latter three precious metals is going to cost you a pretty penny, but many watchmakers or watch offer, watch business & watches business mix the precious metal with less valuable alloys for a more affordable timepiece.

Here are some common watch “Gold Marks” according to The Encyclopedia of Men’s Clothes:

18K or 750 means the piece is about 75% pure gold.
14K or 585 means it’s about 58% gold.
10K signifies it’s about 42% gold.

Watch crystal

This transparent cover protects the watch & watches face. It can be made from plexiglass, mineral (traditional) glass or synthetic sapphire — an ultra-hard, clear, man-made crystal.

Plexiglass is the cheapest of Mens Watches & Ladies Watches “crystals.” It’s the least likely to shatter, but the most likely to scratch.

Mineral glass, on the other hand, is more likely to shatter, but less likely to scratch.

Synthetic sapphire costs the most, but it’s the most scratch-resistant. Of course, there’s a catch: Synthetic sapphire breaks quite easily.

Band type

If you have an analog watch or watches timepiece (whether quartz-powered or hand-wound), your watchband will either be made of leather (usually black or brown) or the same kind of metal used on the case watch Watches .

Digital watch Watches , such as sports models and gadget watches, usually have plastic bands

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